Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We are a contemporary New Testament Church ministering restoration and destiny fulfillment to the people of God in the New River Valley through small group ministry and corporate worship experiences.

Our Mission

Continually reaching one more soul for Christ.

We are a regional church focused on outreach and discipleship.

God is meeting every need we have and causing us to experience supernatural debt reduction to liberate us to be joyful givers and distributors of His blessing.

We are pursuing God and a Spirit-filled lifestyle of purity, sanctification and holiness in the midst of a sinful world.

We are daily depending upon God’s grace and the power of His Holy Spirit to save, keep and empower our lives to joyful and fruitful service.

We are becoming a new generation of leaders and laborers that God is raising up to answer His Call of service and reach the ripened harvest for His Glory.

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