Our vision

Our mission is to share God’s love in the local community, state, nation, and world! Missions is a large part of who Valley Harvest is.

about us

VHM is involved in world missions in a big way! Our primary support goes to Southeast Asia where Pastor Chi Chang serves. In recent years we have provided funds for several projects and partnered to extend ministry to the Asian people. Our congregation drilled a well at an orphanage, provided a laptop for a local pastor, and purchased a new truck for a Cambodian pastor who desperately needed dependable transportation. Our missions team helped to build a church in a remote village of Cambodia in April of 2009. In January 2011, the VHM missions team began building a ministry training center in northern Thailand and that work continues today.

In January 2011, Valley Harvest Ministries made a 10 year commitment in the building of the Indo China Missions Training Center in Maisai, Thailand by raising an annual contribution of $10,000 and by sending a team annually to serve and train national leaders from Thailand and neighboring countries. God has supernaturally enabled us to meet or exceed that goal each year.


We invite everyone to join in the joy and excitement of obeying Jesus’ command to take the message of the Gospel into all the world. Whether it’s through prayer, financial support, or traveling to Thailand, there’s something for everyone.

To get involved with missions, please contact Jim Cox.